Red Bean Ice Lolly Ice PopIt’s been a whirlwind few weeks at home and normal outfit posts shall resume but to fill in the gaps a little – my days have mostly been filled with family and food! My relatives who have been staying for just under a month fly back to Hong Kong on Monday. It won’t be long until it’s my turn to visit though, so I’m looking forward to being back in HK soon.
Nike Pegasus 83 Vogue Girl Korea

Today involves eating up the last of their red bean ice lollys that they have left in the fridge, devouring more of their wonderful cooking and some of my own usual Sunday routine which often involves shooting things for the blog. One of these things to shoot are these Nike Pegasus 83s. I couldn’t resist the fluro orange and pink!

Nike Pegasus 83

Lastly – there’s some downtime and I like watching Youtube/Korean variety shows/catching up on magazines and having a bit of a pamper. I’ll be watching the new episodes of Sailormoon Crystal 美少女戦士 tonight. Such childhood nostalgia!

Laptop Magazine Scene

Oh Sundays, how I love them especially when I wake up at 6am and have a minor panic that it’s a work day then happily realise it’s Sunday! Though I tend to hate them immediately when I realise it’s 10pm and the weekend is over! I’m off to help assist in the kitchen – see me over on Instagram for some updates…