Philip Lim Mini Pashli Ink MCM Fuji Instax

I took these pictures without any intention of posting them up on the blog – merely just to update the headers on Facebook/Twitter pages but since they feature some of my favourite things, here they are on the blog for you! Among the kitschy details (mirror lollipop, donut trinket box and plenty of origami paper stars) there is my Philip Lim Mini Pashli in Ink. It is still my favourite bag – too right since it cost me a pretty penny. Like many bloggers, I have a tendency to favour smaller, impractical bags which require carrying extra items in tote bags – so the fact it fits my pink MCM purse is awesome. I love that the bag is just so sturdy, hard wearing and quite unassuming (i.e. not flashy and absolutely no logos) with the signature zipper design detail. When my dad first saw this bag he asked why I’d left the zips undone – I’m still not sure whether he was winding me up, or genuinely asking…

Philip Lim Mini Pashli Ink MCM Fuji Instax 1

While everyone has the larger Instax Mini 7S or the awesomely retro Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic (swoon) I still have my Mini 25 Hello Kitty edition. I have been neglecting it lately – so I really do need to use it more. There is nothing like filling up an photo album full of miniature snaps!