London is just 1hr 30mins away by train so it’s no surprise that I find myself visiting quite often. My visits are usually a mix of catching up with friends, food, coffee, shopping and Art galleries. London is lovely whenever the weather but on lovely sunny days, there really is no place quite like it! I keep telling myself, it’s high time I just made the move…


Visits are ALWAYS planned around food and I visited Gogi with Kristabel and Yishyene, which is a great little Korean restaurant. Confronted with the menu and it’s many dishes on offer, I opted for an easy favourite, Yukgaejang which is a spicy beef stew which is absolutely delicious with rice. The spicy, soupy goodness is really great comfort food. I really love Korean food but I’m no expert however to me, it tasted pretty authentic and just the right amount of kick.


A vist to London is never without a trip to some kind of tea/coffee establishment and Drink Shop Do in Kings Cross was a place that my friend suggested. As you walk in, it’s a shop selling gift cards, sweets and books and then beyond is the coffee shop (which doubles up as a bar come evening time!) The interior is really eclectic with mismatched chairs, plates and cutlery, prints on the walls and lovely hanging paper decorations. I had the Jammy dodger cake, homemade lemonade and most importantly, caught up with  a few of my favourite people from uni.  Drink Shop Do always seem to have loads of crafty, Arty and musical events too which all sound fun. When I was editing the pic of the brightly coloured decorations, I noticed the spider detail in the skylight which freaked me out a little bit! It seems to be part of the decor *shudder* scroll back up and see if you can spot it! Now I can’t ‘unsee’ it…