Autumunal COS




Jumper, Blouse – COS, Skirt – Zara, Necklace – c/o Love Hearts and Crosses, Shoes – Nike Thea

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, it has been the perfect excuse for deeming any purchase a ‘necessity’. Traditions of CNY include buying a new outfit (technically to wear on New Years day) and on Friday, I decided to go take a detour to COS after work and I managed to buy this lovely blouse and jumper in the sale. They’re super Autumnal colours and despite paler candy floss hues flooding the high street at the moment, I still can’t shake my love for all shades of burgundy. COS makes me wish I owned some slim tailored trousers (and er tailored everything) but they are impossible to find for someone of my height. Instead, I went for my trusty Zara skirt which upon editing these pics, contrasts a lot more than I realised! Other traditions over CNY includes the superstition of not buying new shoes over the festive period. Everything has a double meaning over CNY and when ‘Shoes’ is said out loud in Chinese, phonetically it sounds like ‘rough’. It therefore serves as a double meaning and you don’t want to buy shoes and literally have a rough new year! These superstitions over New Year may sound silly but we’ve always kept them. So of course I made sure to buy these Nike Theas before the New Year and they’re awesome…