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Bubble tea is one of my favourite things ever. When I was in Hong Kong, we stumbled upon this Taiwanese cafe called TeaWood in Causeway Bay (there are 3 in HK). Bubble tea originates from Taiwan so I expected this place to tick all the boxes and they had plenty of savoury foods, desserts and  drinks to choose from. Bubble tea involves a tea-based drink with large tapioca pearls at the bottom and Teawood’s drinks are huge! It’s not to everyone’s tastes as there are a few people who I just can’t seem to convert to the milk-based drink and tapioca pearls (sometimes you can get fruity teas and fruit based jelly instead) but I love the stuff. It is clearly gaining popularity over here as even in Birmingham where I live, there are lots of places which offer the Taiwanese drink. We couldn’t resist ordering the Mango Honey Toast to share just so we could use their forks that look like mini pitchforks. It’s a great little cafe to take a break and catch up with people. Now I just wish there were more dessert places like this in the UK…