So currently I am in HK and high on my list are catching up with family, friends, shopping for my favourite Asian beauty products and of course – eating as much as I can! So it seemed apt that I should finally get round to posting this food-round-up post of some food I had while my family from Hong Kong were visiting!


Family BBQ – Chinese style. We all have individual skewers and in charge of our own selection of meats. It’s definitely a fun social affair where we often criticise each other’s burnt food!


Fish Balls on the BBQ – these are cuttle fish, lobster and beef flavoured, oh and a chicken wing in the background!


Sweet potatoes on the BBQ (Seriously, the most delicious way to eat sweet potato.


Yummy coconut tarts which are super easy to make and I was lucky enough to come home on some days to these freshly baked treats! Oh how I miss my family visiting (and their good company of course!).



Making Palmiers at home – we cheated by using ready made puff pastry!


Some of my favourite treats from HK – mostly courtesy of the food section at muji. They do the best snacks. I say this all the time but I really wish that the food selection would come to the UK.

Familyfood_almond soup2
Familyfood_Almond soup

Lastly another one of my favourite Chinese desserts and always makes me feel pretty nostalgic. This is sweet almond soup which is made from mainly almonds, rice and rock sugar. Such a treat! Hope this post didn’t make you guys feel too hungry. It won’t be long until I tempt you guys again with some more delicious food from my stay in HK. Stay tuned…