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Top – Cheap Monday, Jeans – Topshop, Shoes – Fred Perry, Necklace –Topshop, Bracelets – HK, Ring – & Other Stories Bag – c/o Jump From Paper

Let’s talk about this awesome bag that made it’s way from Jump From Paper, Taiwan and landed on my doorstep. The designers, Chay Su and Rika Lin are huge fans of cartoons, manga and anime and as the brand name suggests, all their designs are meant to look as if they’ve jumped out of a comic book. The 2D design of this bag have certainly have been turning heads when I’ve been wearing it. It’s fun seeing the confusion on people’s faces! I’ve been wearing it with simple things – like this T-shirt with this split hem from Cheap Monday (similar here) as the bag commands all the attention. The bags (this one is called Caramel) are not the most practical, as you can really only carry the bare minimum as the design is still pretty flat – but it’s all about having fun isn’t it?