dumplings roll
dimplings flat
dumplings filling
dumplings close up 2
dumplings close
dumplings cooking
dumplings finished
My family are now back in Hong Kong but while they were here, you may have noticed the instagram video featuring some delicious dumplings we made as a family. My family are pros at making dumplings – but I am super rusty as I don’t make them very often, once a year at most for our annual Christmas Eve hot pot! The dumplings we made were ones that we just boil up and in Cantonese Chinese they are called 水餃 or Sui Gao (literally water dumpling). The dumpling wrappers are simply made using just flour and water. Ready-made wrappers at the Chinese Supermarket are a convenient alternative otherwise a quick google will bring up lots of variations on how to make them. Anything goes when it comes to the recipe for the filling – we used a variation of minced pork, chives, dried shrimp, chinese mushrooms and Chinese cabbage. Seasoned with soy, a little chicken powder for extra flavour and we added some fish powder (plaice) which my family brought back from HK. Once cooked, the dumplings are dipped into a variation of condiments such as soy/sesame oil/chilli oil/satay sauce which is seriously the most satisfying thing ever.