one lazy snowy sat

Don’t worry – this is about all the snow you’ll get to see in this blog post this weekend. I ventured outside for about a minute today and spent most of the day indoors and judging from these photos below, getting ready to hibernate! I contemplated against posting yet another food post after the cakey one before but what the heck, here we go again!

Breakfast in bed

breakfast in bed

This was brunch this morning, I really wanted toast but we were out of bread and crumpets were the only thing to hand. Peanut butter, bananas and crumpets is a yummy but a super rich combination. Completely stuffed!

Noodles ingredients

Above we have earlier’s dinner! I made do with some of the ingredients in the house and went for Udon noodles with a clear spicy broth (flavoured with soya sauce and chilli oil), fresh pak choi, eggs and spam. Spam is a funny one because most people seem to hate the idea of the stuff but in Chinese families, ‘Mmm chan yuk’ is pretty much a staple in our cupboards. I love it especially when it’s fried with eggs!

Candle teacup

Lastly, just as I post this – Earth hour has just finished! It’s fascinating seeing iconic landmarks and skylines ‘switch off’ for an hour and it definitely makes you think about energy consumption and sustainability. I spent the majority of the hour sat in the dark writing this post and listening to McFly’s live gig…

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