CNY 2013

Paper offerings

It’s been a really lovely day. Chinese New Year feels a lot like Christmas and here are some pictures which illustrate our festive weekend! We are super traditional in our house so this picture heavy post is a fun way to show you what CNY is like for me (I seem to be showing you more and more every year!). Starting with the pretty printed paper above, these were burned first thing this morning as an offering to the Gods. We also stuff envelopes with evergreen leaves and coins and replace last years which are tucked under our bedsheets to bring us luck for the rest of the year. 

Laisee for room
cny decorations 2
candy box 1
candy box 2

Of course we decorate the house in red and gold decorations and most of them feature 4 character phrases which all point towards prosperity and good fortune for the rest of the year. We also make sure we have our round candy box filled to the brim with candied fruits. The candied lotus roots, winter melon, coconut and lotus nuts are some of my favourite things!

cny decorations

Above are plenty of red envelopes (laisee) stuffed with money by my mum to hand out to my cousins and below are some little red cupcakes that my little sister baked. The cupcakes are not a CNY tradition, but they were too cute (and yummy) not to include in this post!

becky's cupcakes
Rice crispy cakes

My grandma is a real matriarch of the family and she makes tons of food every year to give out to friends and family. The New Year Cake in the previous post was given to lots of friends and family and also the rice crispy cakes seen above! Lilies are a traditional flower to have around the household and my mum made sure we had a lovely fresh bunch sitting on our kitchen table. At my grandmas, sitting in pride of place was an enormous bowl of Mandarin oranges!



On to the food!! According to Chinese tradition, when it comes to big meals, the number should be even. Odd numbers are considered super unlucky so naturally, we had 8 different types of dishes today. Here are a few pictures of all the delicious food, ranging from lobster, suckling pig to steamed sea bass.

King Prawns
CNY dinner
sea bass
Suckling pig

As always, my family reunions are are divided into ‘adults’ and ‘children’, so the picture above was taken from the ‘kids’ table which is where I sit! (Here is a link to the Vine Video I made!). We pretty much have the exact same food at Christmas but at CNY, everything has more meaning to it and fish is one of the most important dishes of the meal (in Chinese, it is a homonym for abundance/prosperity). Even though the epic family reunion is over, the CNY Traditions carry on for a few more days. My mum will be making Tong Yuen tomorrow (glutinous rice balls) which I will be looking forward to when I return home from work tomorrow! 

If any of you guys are reading and celebrate CNY too, I hope you have had a great day! 新年快樂!