Changing it up

Maxi skirt pic1

I own a lot of blouses but this is one my favourites – you can always count on Zara to have some great designs and prints in store. They’ve become a staple and I wear them tucked into skirts and layered under jumpers and are my easy, go to outfit choices. Maxi skirts on the other hand are a little less natural to me. There was a time when I believed I was just too short for them but when I was working in HK last year, I changed my mind completely and I loved wearing chiffon and sheer maxi skirts because they kept you cool in the humidity. I still prefer wearing shorter skirts but it’s nice to change it up sometimes!

maxi skirt pic 2

Blouse – Zara, Scarf – GAP, Skirt – River Island, Belt – c/o Next, Shoes -Topshop

The lilies we had over Chinese new year are now in full bloom. We don’t have lilies very often and I forget how fragrant they are. I managed to take this photo before we cut off the stamens (they stain everything!) I find it a shame that they have to be cut off because they look a little naked without them! 

pink lilies
watercolour sketch 1

I painted the above picture very randomly on Friday night and was so amazed at the response on Instagram that I’ve made it into a new header. I must try and paint more often again – it’s so theraputic. At one point, I really wanted to take Fine Art at university but I pursued the more Academic History of Art instead. Definitely the right decision since it’s been the longest time since I’ve put paintbrush to paper!