The Band T-shirt: I’m Still Alive

Big Bang Alive T-Shirt
Big Bang Outfit details
Cardi – Oasis, T-shirt – Big Bang Alive Tour, Skirt – ASOS, Belt – Izzue (HK) 

Tights – HOH, Ring – COS, Shoes – Converse 

I don’t really wear band t-shirts anymore. There used to be a time when I was 15 when I used to wear them all the time. I EVEN used to own a Limp Bizkit t-shirt (Ohoho, yes indeed  – I thought I was the coolest). However, just like the whole ‘I don’t do festivals anymore’ attitude that quickly disappeared when I found myself camping in a field at Bestival, I now wear this band T-shirt more often than I should. I won’t bore you with more Big Bang fan girling – but yes, it is what it is!
650d Selca

In other news I have a new camera. After years of moaning about terrible quality photos on my blog, I finally upgraded and treated myself to a Canon 650d after Christmas. I’m still adjusting to the move from using a point and shoot to an SLR but it’s fun. It’s a vast improvement and actually makes me want to blog a lot more. So I’m pleased that my first post of 2013 starts off with a camera upgrade…but I ALREADY want to buy another lens. Oh dear.