Goodies from HK


A few days ago my family received a belated Xmas from our family in HK and I thought I’d share them as I received some weird and wonderful things. First up were these Pretz/Pocky goodies! The flavours include Pork Cutlet and Miso (which to me, seem to taste like the normal salad Pretz with a hint of miso), Yuzu (a type of Japanese Mandarin) and Chilli Pepper which is the yummiest of them all. Sort of mandarin orange with a hint of chilli. Lastly are Earl Grey flavoured chocolate sticks which are kind of odd, I’d describe them as tea flavoured infused with orange and chocolate. I like them but my sisters aren’t fans.

Yuzu and Kinkan

I also received a lovely burgundy zebra print scarf and some boiled sweets from Muji which are Yuzu and Kinkan (Kumquat) flavoured. I do wish that UK Muji stores sold their food selection. Other lovely gifts included my favourite pen eyeliner from K-Palette and some Lunasol nail polish in cool beige. They know me so well as they really must have paid attention to the things I bought during my stay last year. Lunasol is a high end Japanese brand which I liked browsing when I was in HK – their eye palettes are always really pretty and apparently, so are their nail colours! I can’t wait to raid HK cosmetic stores when I visit again at some point this year.

Lunasol and Eyeliner
Lunasol Nails
There are so many things that HK do better…one of which are the toys you can collect at McDonalds (their shake shake fries are pretty fun too). Super random but my family sent each of my sisters a couple that they have collected and this is my Hello Kitty lion toy.
Hello Kitty Lion
Tea and Cookies
So that’s pretty much it and it’s finally the weekend yay! I started mine with a huge cup of tea from one of my awesome cups (thank you Sally!) and a little Almond cookie which were sent from Hong Kong. They are the driest, most powdery cookies you’ll ever eat but I love these cookies because they remind me of my visits to Macau. There you can always see people busy making them and selling them to tourists and we always pick up a few boxes if we’re visiting.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!