Alexander McQueen SS13 : Menswear and Accessories

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McQueen Dragonfly Print Jacket and Cardigan
Dragonfly print
Dragonfly embroidery
Dragonfly tie
Bee flats
McQueen Accessories 3
McQueen Accessories 2
Lemon Bags
McQueen Accessories 4
McQueen Structured
McQueen Bee Choker

What can I say other than how amazing Alexander McQueen SS13 is? It’s hard for me to decide what my favourite pieces were as I am still pretty in love with the honeycomb details in the first blog post about this press day. The menswear is so incredibly strong and I probably spent more time looking at menswear than I did womenswear – just check out that beautiful dragonfly print and embroidery on the jackets and cardigans. I think when it comes to accessories, the tortoise shell, acrylic moulded breast plate is an absolute stunner but there is zero chance of eating anything while wearing that! They’re definitely way more restrictive than a normal corset and armour-like. I’ve come away wanting a Alexander McQueen bag in my life with the lemon bags being firm favourites (I better start saving now). Though the real showstopper has to be the oversized, beautiful choker with it’s jewelled bees. It’s incredible!

In other news, how crazy has the snow been? I wasn’t expecting so much snow to fall in the Midlands but I returned home early yesterday to about 4 inches of snow on my doorstep. As much as I love building snowmen, after walking half an hour from the station to my house, it’s definitely the last thing I want to do – maybe I’ll change my mind and venture outdoors to build a snowman this weekend but right now, I’m happy staying indoors all toasty and warm!