Super Kawaii

Hello Kitty Yale

Doughnut trinket box c/o Dotcomgiftshop

Here are a couple of new things that have made me smile recently. The Essie polishes were bought here for a bargainous £1.99 each and it was too good a bargain to resist! The others are wonderful birthday gifts from friends who clearly know me much better than I realise (thank you so much guys – you know who you are!). The Hello Kitty x Yale card holder is from a very clever friend who recently spent some time studying there. I feel a bit of a fraud using it but it made me laugh – because who knew that an institution like Yale would endorse Hello Kitty?! The Me & Zena x Saatchi paintbrush necklace is such a fun piece of jewellery and it always seems to be a talking point. Plus, this particular friend and I always like to explore all kinds of Art exhibitions together so this seems SO fitting. The Knitted iPad case is a belated birthday present that I received yesterday and it is (as my blog title suggests) super kawaii! I may or may not have announced straight away when I saw it’s two knitted eyes staring back at me, that it would be going on the blog ASAP because to be honest when it comes to iPad accessories, this one is pretty damn awesome.