What’s for dinner?


I love eating out and I especially love trying new places and my sister and cousin have decided that we should have a monthly get-together over food. I have a soft spot for Asian cuisine so when I heard about a new Korean place open in Birmingham, my sister and cousin decided it should be our first port of call. In a city like Birmingham where the Korean population is pretty non-existent, I was doubtful over the authenticity of the restaurant. The place has not had the best reviews and with a name like ‘Miss Korea’ I wasn’t expecting much.

kalbi and dukbokki.

For 3 people, we tried a huge selection of their food (we are such fatties) including samgyeopsal (bacon/pork belly), galbi beef and bulgogi (marinated beef) which all went on the charcoal grill. We also sampled dukbokki (spicy rice cakes), yukgaejang (spicy beef broth) which was probably my favourite on the evening. We also tried their dolsot bibimbap (stone pot rice) which is mixed together thoroughly before eating, so the raw beef was cooked through by the time we tucked in! 


The major let down of this meal was their Kimchi which was really bland! Fine if it was any other dish, but for Korea’s national dish, this was something that they couldn’t really afford to get wrong. This is probably when I started wondering whether it was actually a Chinese run Korean restaurant (still not sure). In all, it wasn’t as bad as some of the reviews had made out. It certainly wasn’t the best place for Korean BBQ in my experience but it satisfied my Korean food craving and we still had a pretty good evening (and left with very full bellies!). Apparently there is a better one which is run by a Korean family so I will definitely be checking that out and reporting back soon!

Oh yes and speaking of all things Korean, I love a bit of K-pop (no it’s not all like Psy’s Gangnam style) and I just managed to purchase tickets for Big Bang at Wembley in December! They are arguably the biggest Boy-band (that word makes me cringe) in all of Asia. I am ridiculously excited…