Pops of Colour

outfit and pink bag

outfit and green collar

h&m pearl collar

yellow tipped oxfords


Dress – ASOS, Collar – H&M, Bag – Nine West, Shoes – Office, Earrings – Gogo Philip, Lipstick – NARS Funny Face, Bracelets/ring – Hong Kong

Looking back at these pictures makes me miss the sunny-no-tights weather, especially on a grey overcast day like today. I think like most people out there, I don’t have much of a seasonal wardrobe and my clothes are pretty much worn all year around with additional layers.  I like the Autumn and I’m excited about wrapping up in scarves, jumpers and stomping about in boots. Speaking of scarves, I bought a lovely new one the other day and I’ll have to show you guys soon!

A quick shout out to Sam and Nic who both visited from Hong Kong and Tokyo recently and I had the pleasure of hanging out with those guys again. Both of whom, I caught up with when I was back in Hong Kong earlier in the year and are also regular reads over on the sidebar. It might seem odd to non-bloggers that we’re friends through the internet (cue shifty raised eyebrows) but they, like many other blog friends have turned out to be some of the best company. I miss you guys already!