JW Anderson Bat Jumper and Birthday Cake

JW Anderson Bat Sweater

I love this JW Anderson x Topshop bat jumper and I’m not surprised that it’s hard to find in stores now. I bought it a day after JW Anderson showcased his SS13 collection so he was pretty hot property but Alexa Chung, who has been spotted wearing it, certainly must have contributed to it’s sold-out status. Either way it’s a pretty awesome jumper. It’s a chunky knit but I have to admit that given the colder weather we’re having right now, wind travels right through the knit which is a confusing experience (feeling cold and warm at the same time?!). So on cold days, you definitely need to layer up, just as well really because I love pairing it with this dress.  


Dress, Jumper and Shoes – Topshop, Bag  – Laforet Plaza, Hong Kong

Oh yes and it’s a new location for my outfit post which is always a nice change from the brick wall of my house! My uncle moved into a new flat at the beginning of the week and we visited and filled his house with lots of (typically Chinese) gifts of fruit. We also celebrated my little sister’s (fake) birthday that day. Technically her birthday isn’t until tomorrow but we took the opportunity with lots of family gathered to have her birthday cake. I can hardly believe that my baby sister is 15 years old! Happy Birthday little one.

becky's 15th
instax 15th becky

You might have noticed that my blog has had a little make over.  I know lots of people have bloggers block and I’m sure we’ve all probably experienced it at some time or another. It’s not a massive change but it feels more refreshed and even small changes make me even more excited about blogging!