Jeep Jeep!

There are many, many photos around the house of my sisters and I and one of them includes a photo of my sisters and I posing in front of a delicious crispy suckling pig in Hong Kong but one of my favourites is this one below. I think I must be about 7/8 yrs old in this photo which means it’s from the early 90s and that jeep, is the most epic Christmas present that my sister and I have EVER received. It was actually a pretty special Christmas for us as a family and the photo is quite personal and symbolic. That year we had finally moved out from our tiny little flat above my parents shop. My mum recalls my dad sitting down one day and saying that we finally had a house of our own, complete with a garden so it was a pretty big deal for all of us.

Speaking of my dad, some of our Christmas gifts over the years were disguised as presents for us but they were really for him! Case in point, our Sega Megadrive, subsequent Playstations and I think to my dad, this Jeep was like a giant remote controlled car. Except his then 5 yr old and 7 yr old daughters were behind the wheel! Oh the nostalgia, we were pretty darn happy with this new toy and we would take turns driving in circles in the garden or even pretend to be mechanics (there were tools under the hood of the car!). It was revived for my youngest sister but it currently sits in our garage and we can’t bear to get rid of it even though none of us can actually fit inside it anymore! 

This post also doubles as my ‘favourite Christmas present’ competition entry over on Dot Com Gift Shop to win an iPad (fingers-crossed!) but seeing as I love their kitschy homeware I thought I’d cobble together some of my favourites. Behold, my picks from their Christmas shop!

My favourite out of these is the wooden biscuit set. I’m a sucker for useless kitchsy things, espcially when food shaped (remember this party ring post?). However this is actually a kids counting game and the reverse of the chocolate bourbon and jammy dodgers are numbered. I want it anyway. Oh, this post has made me feel all nostalgic, I’d love to hear about your favourite Christmas presents too!