Festival Fun!

The last time I went to a festival, I told myself never again. However, 6 years since my last one, I am all packed and ready to go to one more. This time it’s for Bestival over on the Isle of Wight courtesy of the awesome Echo Falls folk. They have been pretty brilliant and invited a bunch of bloggers (plus their friends!) down for a fun filled weekend where we’ll get to hear some awesome music including the likes of Stevie Wonder, Sigur Rós, Florence and the Machine etc.


I didn’t have to buy very much in preparation for the festival but I did buy a soft new hoodie and then couldn’t resist this floral rucksack. I also spotted the little floral garland for just £1 in the sale so I snapped it up – yeah probably the most stereotypical festival accessory these days but I couldn’t help myself! I must admit, these are all things that would sit quite well in my 14yr old sister’s wardrobe but they are pretty handy for festivals!


Hoodie – Topshop, Floral Backpack – Accessorize, Flower garland – Miss Selfridge

The reason I didn’t have to stock up on much else was because the Echo Falls guys sent us a survival kit. Inside are glowsticks, face wipes, antibacterial gel, dry shampoo, penguin torch, glowsticks, Echo Falls wine spritzers (of course!) but most importantly some awesome Havaiana wellies!



I’ve actually never been that far south in the UK so I’m really looking forward to it. Plus, Bestival is pretty well known to be one of the most fun festivals – Saturdays is their fancy dress day and they’ve broken records most years for the most amount of fancy dress in one place. Wikipedia tells me that in 2010 they broke the record with 55,000 people in fancy dress! I’m off this evening down to Portsmouth before setting off to the Isle of Wight tomorrow afternoon so I can’t wait! Festivals are well known for drinking (always drink responsibly guys!) and for someone like me who isn’t a huge drinker, I have a nice old stash of green tea at the ready Yeah I know, I’m soooo rock and roll.

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