Buffets and Big Brothers

Hong Kong on a bit of a grey day isn’t so bad and on a rainy day like today, I’d swap locations in a heart beat – especially because it’s still about 30c over there at the moment. However, one thing I do remember is that when it rains in HK, it’s another experience all together. Every single person in HK carries an umbrella so walking with an umbrella is a battleground, bashing into a million umbrellas is not fun. Funny, because this doesn’t happen in the UK – the land which is famous for being pretty  rainy.

So since I delved back into my HK photo archive, what better than to share another food post! Shangri La is a hotel I have blogged before blogged about before and they have a magnificent buffet. Plenty of  food including sushi, noodles, freshly made dim sum and desserts!

Individual Siu Long Bao


Taro jelly dessert, cakes and a coconut dessert with grass jellyIMG_6115
Chinese desserts (the green covered bowls contained sweet tofu dessert, dofu fa)

It was an interesting day, made even more interesting by the young dodgy-probably-mafia guys sitting behind us who were seemingly celebrating their ‘big brother’s’ birthday. His entourage were showing him the utmost respect – all 20 of them would stand up when he stood up and the guy was never alone. It was something out of a Chinese gangster movie where all the scruffy lads appeared to be wearing their best clothes for the occasion. Perhaps they were perfectly innocent but we couldn’t help but worry when we realised that we had accidentally stolen a couple of their made-to-order ginger soufflés (oops!). Who knew that HK gangsters like their Soufflés?