Bo Bo the Blackbird

I am Acrylic blackbird
Meet the latest addition to be added to my jewellery collection. I discovered I am Acrylic at Bestival, where the lovely Brendan Fan and Ruth Williams were manning their little stall full of kitschy acrylic jewellery in the Secret Emporium tent. They were super friendly and I couldn’t help but admire their little set up – easily the cutest stall inside the tent! See their blogpost on their stall here. After perusing the acrylic brooches and awesome lightning jewellery, I ended up buying this little blackbird ring.
I’m full of anecdotes lately but my granddad used to have a pet blackbird (to this day I don’t know if people actually have blackbirds as pets, is this normal?!) and his name was Bo Bo. Something not so normal was that Bo Bo had actually learned random bits of Cantonese, probably after years of my cousins and I trying to teach it our Chinese names. This bird never ever learned my name (much to my dismay) but it did however learn to greet my granddad whenever he would come home. I miss that bird, so this little ring reminds me of him!