Shiny and New

Hello! So here is a post for the bank holiday weekend with a couple of new things that have made there way into my life recently. First up, yellow tipped Oxfords which were purchased in the Office Sale a little while ago. I initially went for the baby pink pair but they were all out of my size, so the sales assistant did a pretty good job when she suggested these ones. Frankly, these ones are even better than the pink!

I’ve seen these Revlon lip stains absolutely everywhere in the blogosphere and I’m a bit slow on the mark with this beauty buy. I bought Romantic (the bright red one) and absolutely loved it. Not long after, I met up with the awesome Nic from Bang Bang She Shoots and we both picked up the berry shade called Crush. I really rate them as lip crayons/stains and definitely worth giving a go.


Speaking of the lovely Nic, it was so nice to see her in our home city! You might remember me meeting up with her earlier in the year when we were both in Hong Kong (see this post). Hopefully we’ll have more chances to catch up before she heads back home to Tokyo in a few months time.


I can’t believe I am writing about more crockery but here we go. Thanks to the awesome guys at Rex London, I now own yet another fancy tea cup, a matching plate, a strawberry plate and also the must-have item of a doughnut shaped trinket box (pic of this on Instagram!) Ok I lie, the doughnut box is probably the most awkward shape to store things in but it’s so kawaii!


I now have a very distinct corner in our kitchen where all my things (i.e teacups) have been stored away…because apparently they don’t belong with the normal kitchen ware! Well, I guess my plans have been scuppered, I’ll never see my dad use that strawberry plate OR drink out of a dainty teacup. Boo.