Instagramming 9

I really must get back to doing instagram posts more regularly but here are just a handful of some of my favourites over the last month or so. As ever, my instagram feed is pretty much a food diary – yep, taking photos before eating has definitely become a bit of an addiction.

1. Farewell dim sum feast with my visiting grandparents and aunts before they went back to Hong Kong 2. Random snacks including coconut tarts and black sesame dessert (one of my favourite Chinese desserts!) 3. Biscester Village goodies, I didn’t anticipate buying anything Ralph Lauren Polo ever, but my sister and I couldn’t resist the preppy crew neck jumpers. Mine is the navy.

1. Dumplings at home with my dad’s satay sauce 2. I love strawberry season! 3. Laisee (Lucky envelope) given to me by a visiting relative 3. Waiting for trains to London 4. A beautiful 1960s Qipao/Cheongsam in the V&A 5. Missing lots of wonderful food from Hong Kong, including dofu fa which is a sweetened tofu dessert

1. Sale shopping! Yellow tipped oxfords from Office 2. Pink suede brogues from Carvela 3. Art in Birmingham: Chaos by Philip Watts, 4. Digging into my lobster at Burger and Lobster (delicious despite my strange allergic reaction afterwards which I won’t be forgetting in a hurry!) 5. My dad’s Maneki Neko aka a Japanese fortune cat 6. My favourite cantonese egg tarts at dim sum

1. Cheese, fruit and salad for dinner one sunny evening 2. The British art of tea dunking – yum! 3. My friend’s wedding gift to another friend. It means double happiness and a traditional symbol seen at Chinese weddings. 4. Reading an old copy of ViVi Magazine and sipping green tea 5. Sunshine and paper cranes 6. Capturing the bridge at my local train station

1. Garden party at my frend’s house 2. Awesome Oreo cupcakes baked by a lovely friend 3. Wrapping presents for my friend’s birthday which included Hello Kitty macaroni which I found in Hong Kong 4. Trying to eat more fruit lately 5. A favourite deep fried dish at dim sum, salad prawn parcels 6. Homemade udon noodles for lunch

1. Excited for the arrival of Wish magazine! 2. Juicy watermelon 3. Oksusu Cha (Korean corn tea) 4. Colourful fruit salad while watching the Olympics 5. Typical Cantonese dinner at home – featuring stuffed peppers and aubergine, my favourite 6. After mentioning my purchase in my last post, my tickets for the Harry Potter studio tour arrived, oh the anticipation!