Hip Hip Hooray!


I’ve had a magical weekend celebrating the marriage of one of my dear friends. I’ve known Nat since we first studied History of Art together at the University of Birmingham and she swiftly became one of my housemates where we suffered the perils of student life together. This of course, involved lots of late night delirious essay writing, freezing cold student housing, making pancakes whenever the opportunity, comparing our lives to the Mighty Boosh and generally being Art geeks. As the first of my friends to get married, it makes me realise just how much we’ve accomplished since leaving uni and how fast time has passed. Who would have thought that after almost 4 years since we graduated, I would be a stones throw away from our university campus at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, where I would see her tie the knot with a guy who completely and utterly adores her? It was definitely one very happy day.

IMG_9714 Congratulations Nat and Fritz!