A Victorian Dream

I’ve always loved a bit of History and when choosing subjects waaaay back at A-Level, I must admit a large part of me chose Tudor history because it wasn’t in recent memory I had a very romantised view of that period – the era of stiff bodices, collar ruffs and farthingales (hooped skirt). So whenever I visit period properties, my imagination goes kind of wild, especially at the Victorian Birmingham Botanical Gardens for my friend’s wedding.

Aviary View

I was very much imagining the ghosts of Victorian people of the day wondering around the grounds. Plenty of moustachioed men in cravats and top hats and women in the exaggerated dress shapes of the period, checking out the foreign cacti in the glasshouses and peering in to the huge Aviary (below) at the exotic birds inside. Then there was us, the modern day wedding party in our floral frocks and heels, suited and booted men and of course a couple of big wedding hats.

Botanical Gardens Aviary

Botanical Gardens
Dress – Kwai Chung Plaza HK, Belt – New Look, Shoes – Topshop, Bag – Vivienne Westwood

It’s a pretty idyllic place to have a bit of a wonder and it was really lucky that it was a lovely Summers day. I live in a busy suburb in the middle of the UK and it’s so easy to forget that there are such beautiful gardens to visit in the city. I need to make another trip back there soon.