Sweet Treats

I don’t know what it is about being a blogger but like many of us, I have quite the sweet tooth. Since it’s a rainy, lazy Sunday afternoon (currently watching Wimbledon finals!) I thought I would share some of my favourite sweet treats I’ve had lately which coincidentally, are all in Covent Garden. First stop, the awesome Ladurée.Laduree 3
Laduree 2

I had a spare couple of hours when visiting friends in London and I HAD to make a stop at the Ladurée café in Covent Garden. I sampled their yummy Earl Grey, a pain aux raisin and of course, their infamous macarons in salted caramel and pistachio. It’s quite the tourist destination but it’s a rather lovely place to whirl away some extra time (it’s so pretty inside!) and I hope to take my sister there when we’re in town again tomorrow.

My friends and I love Foundation Bar (also in Covent Garden) for their very British take on cocktails. We had their afternoon tea cocktail which is served in a teapot complete with a selection of biscuits. Yum! I’ve noticed this teapot trend lately but it’s still a cute novelty.

Afternoon Tea at Foundation

Lastly, there is always time for a Froyo! We popped along to Snog, where we couldn’t help but comment on the Abercrombie-like staff (seriously, they must have the same criteria when it comes to hiring staff.) The interior with it’s changing coloured lights on the ceiling is kind of cool and obviously I went for the green tea option with plenty of fresh fruit! 

Snog Lights

So tomorrow sees my sister and I travelling to London to relive our teenage years at an Incubus gig! I can’t wait, it’s been years since I’ve seen them and what better than to see them at their one-off London date? Luck has been on our side and we managed to get a great 4* hotel (because that’s how we roll – but seriously do try the secret hotels option on lastminute.com) for really cheap and our train tickets were less than £10 each. Yesss! 

Hope you all had a fab weekend…now back to the Tennis!