Neon Leopard

A girl can’t keep away from the shops for too long and one of the first things I bought when I arrived back in the UK, is this linen top with neon orange leopard print from Zara. It’s actually pretty long on me and I’m not really sure if it’s because I’m short or if it’s meant to be a tunic but I’ve managed to get away with wearing it with just tights. However on this occasion, I’ve tucked it into my pleated black skirt which I bought while I was in Hong Kong.


My hair is totally having a good day in these pictures. Back in HK, the humidity really made my newly permed hair feel a bit frizzy which is kind of mad as I’ve always been lucky enough to have super straight hair. Here in the UK, the drier weather makes the curls much more manageable and it has definitely relaxed a little since my initial perm. It’s a pretty easy hair style to keep, as all I do after washing my hair is twist sections of my hair to retain that dolly-like curl. Depending on how much I twist them, the curls turn out a little different each time. To be honest, my sisters can create virtually the same look with their curling irons but I am rubbish at curling my own hair so this works out well!


Top – Zara, Skirt – Kwai Chung Plaza (Hong Kong), Cardigan – Marks and Spencers, Belt – Topshop, Shoes – Zara


Necklace – Monki, Ring – H&M, Nail Polish – Bourjois 

In the past, I really didn’t think I was one for maxi skirts since I thought they would drown me as I’m a tiny 4’11” and I’m definitely not going to be getting any taller and FOREVER at boob height for a lot of my friends (actually, it would be really weird if I were tall and to be able to see over people’s heads!) Things certainly change and I have developed a new found love for long skirts. I just wish it would stop raining so I could wear them more often!