Instagramming 7

It has been ages since I put together one of these Instagram posts but I thought I would share a final Instagram post from Hong Kong. Now that I’ve been back in the UK for almost 2 weeks, it feels like I’ve never really left but at the same time it still feels so fresh in my memory, that it would feel pretty normal if I woke up on the other side of the world, going about my normal Hong Kong routine. Oh if only!


1. The first of many dim sum pics in this post 2. Cheung Chau Bun Festival, I watched in disbelief as the main event was a competition which involved people climbing up a mountain of plastic buns at midnight on TV, getting to the top and pulling off the plastic buns and throwing them into the bags that they had attached to themselves. It’s a brilliant and hilarious tradition that everyone takes really seriously! 3. The stairs near the Fortress Hill MTR doesn’t look like much fun to climb up either 4. More dim sum 5. Mango and Green Tea desserts with the family 6. Hot Pot shopping at the supermarket 7. Hot Pot at home 8. Vietnamese 3 bean drink 9. At the wet markets for some fresh fish!

ig7 b

1. Live chickens at the market 2. Smelly Durian fruit for sale 3. Colourful trams and noisy city 4. The awesome skyline 5. Vietnamese for dinner 6. Sushi for dinner 7. My aunt made coffee and green tea macarons 8. My jewellery but I sadly lost the blue cord bracelet 9. Random outfit shot

ig7 c

1. Essie Lapis of Luxury nail polish that I found for under £5 (such a bargain!) and a new bangle. 2. Open windows in my grandparent’s bedroom 3. Sweet potato wedges with a sprinkle of plum powder, I adore street food! 4. A trip across the harbour on the Star Ferry 5. The Star Ferry is a must and not really considered that touristy – plenty of people use it daily as it’s the cheapest way across the harbour 6. More dim sum! 7. Fa Yuen Street Market is super fun to browse and look for cheap fashion 8. Korean BBQ Yes!!! 9. I tried Mangosteens for the first time and they’re so yummy!


1. Having some typical HK Cafe food…HK style French Toast and yummy milk tea. I probably miss Milk Tea the most out of all the things I love in HK. It’s the simple things! 2. I love all the old apartments in HK 3. A glimpse of the streets at Tsim Sha Tsui one afternoon 4. Dinner with my aunt and cousin at the famed Yung Kee in central 5. A quick lunch break with one of my aunts – the prawn parcels had a mango dip which was AMAZING 6. A meal at ABC Kitchen with lots of new friends which I will definitely write about soon 7. After the meal we had gelato and coffee 8. Another view of that skyline 9. Sushi time with my cousin

ig7 e1. I visited my aunt’s work place and HAD to take photos with the big plastic Taz 2. I also posed with some of the cameras in the CNN studio because it had to be done! It totally looks like I am barefoot in this pic but I am definitely wearing ballet flats! 3. The offices have a lovely sea view 4. This cake is utterly adorable and was called the ‘nervous pig’ complete with two drops of sweat iced just by his left ear. Probably one of the most random themed cakes ever 5. My very last Sumiyaki coffee in Hong Kong. Sumiyaki is a Japanese coffee made from charcoal roasted beans, it’s pretty good! 6.  spent my last afternoon in HK shopping for food and veggies at the local market.

Well. Let me tell you guys that I am now SUPER SUPER SUPER missing Hong Kong after writing this post. I definitely feel a little bitter sweet looking at these pictures. Luckily my family who I stayed with are all visiting for the next month so in a way, a little slice of HK will be coming to me.

Hope you all have a wonderful Jubilee weekend. I wish I was going to a street party but maybe I’ll create a tea party at home and I’ll get the bunting out!