Ice Cream Colours

You’d think being British, we would be used to the non-existent Summer by now right? Not really. I can’t even contemplate wearing shorts and go bare legged but just a few weeks ago, I couldn’t imagine wearing anything else and what better than to wear ice cream colours?

Sister’s Cardigan – H&M, Top – Topshop, Shorts – Miss Selfridge, Trainers – Adidas

SAM_0507 I don’t wear these as often as my Converse but they are still making the transition into my wardrobe. The last time I wore trainers like these, I must have been about 10 and living in jeans and branded jumpers emblazoned with the likes of Adidas and Kappa. That was probably the only time my dad had any input with the clothes that I wore! Ha, those days are definitely long gone and now he stands firmly outside any clothes shop that I go in to.


Sunnies – c/o Polaroid


Bird Necklace – Aldo, Untitled Necklace – Tatty Devine for Tate

Silver Bangle – Chapel (HK), Black and gold bracelet – Random boutique in Laforet Mall (HK)

Up until recently, I used to tell friends not to buy bracelets as gifts for me as I never wear them. Now, the very opposite has happened and I have been accumulating them! It’s funny because I can pinpoint this change from my time in HK where in the heat, I wore minimal layers and as a result, my arms always felt a little bit bare. This has followed me back to the UK and I am now always hovering around the jewellery sections in shops in search of some new arm candy…