So a few things have changed around here. Firstly, I now finally own my very own domain (yay!) which is less of a mouthful and much easier to remember than before. I must admit that for a crazy moment I was tempted to change the blog name completely, I mean let’s face it, if you Google ‘Diamond Canopy’ you’ll either find pictures of my face (I still find this weird) or links to canopies for your party/home. However I stuck to my guns, realised what a mistake it would have been and the name is definitely here to stay.

I wish I could say that the wonderfully clear photos are my own doing and that the next change is a camera upgrade but alas no, they are in fact down to the lovely Kristabel (thanks dude!) who made a flying visit up to Birmingham not too long ago. We had a lovely day lunching on sushi, sitting in the park and soaking up the lovely sunshine. On that note, I WISH it was still sunny and that our weather wasn’t so temperamental and that it wasn’t back to tights and boots weather! 

T-Shirt – Topman, Skirt – HK market,  Belt – Accessorize, Bag – HK Laforet Mall, Shoes – Zara, Necklace – Monki, Sunglasses – c/o Polaroid

Birmingham is funny, there is one place we like to call ‘Pigeon Park’
which is essentially the grave yard at St Philip’s Cathedral where
everyone sits when the sun is out. If you ever pass by this area then
you must pop into the Cathedral and see the beautiful stained glass
designed by Pre-Raphaelite, Edward Burne-Jones. So on this particular day, after a very filling sushi lunch we took some time out here and enjoyed the sunshine.

When it’s sunny, it’s always an excuse to whip out the sunnies and I am loving my new shades sent to me by Polaroid while I was away in HK. The plum coloured Dante frames with the slightly pointed shape are super comfortable and actually my favourite alternative at the moment to my classic Wayfarers. Coincidentally, Kristabel was also rocking some Polaroid sunnies too!

Now back to what I was talking about at the beginning of this post! The second thing to have changed around here is my hairrr! Yes I’ve cut myself a side fringe (temporarily!) but those curls are not made by curling irons and are permanent for the next 6 months or so. I had something called a Japanese digital perm which scarily involved rollers which were hooked up to a machine which in turn, heated up the rollers digitally. Bit scary for someone like me who walked into the salon not really knowing much about perms at all and then suddenly being ‘plugged in’ with the stylist cooling me down with a hairdryer on a cool setting. Yes really! I was sitting in fear of my hair burning but thankfully I was just paranoid and the hair dresser knew exactly what he was doing (phew!). Still, the results were great and now I have loose wavy curls for a little while which are nothing short of a miracle as my coarse Asian hair does not usually like to hold any kind of curl!