Who cares about Calories?

Wow, prepare yourselves for some amazingly clear photos which are all thanks to Sam (my partner-in-dessert-crime as you will soon find out). If you haven’t seen her blog already then pop on over as she has a rather beautiful blog. As I mentioned a few posts ago, Sam and I loaded up on a helluva lot of sugar and spent the beginning of our so-called ‘Day of Desserts’ having afternoon tea at the lovely Mandarin Oriental hotel over in Central. 


Scones, Rose Jam, Raspberry and Lychee cake, American Cheesecake and lemongrass and ginger tea was how we began our calorific day. Well, sometimes you have to treat yourself right? 



It is definitely T-Shirt weather in HK and I totally struggle to choose clothes when it is so hot. HK is the land of super high humidity and icy air con and a cardigan is a must when you escape indoors. Still I shouldn’t complain as I’ll probably miss not having to wear layers when I am back in Blighty – I hear it is super cold back home?!


T-Shirt (Monki) Skirt (Topshop) Belt (Accessorize) Necklace (COS) Shoes (Zara) Bag (MCM)

Um so yes that is an MCM bag
and the newest addition that has been added to the pile of new things that I have acquired while in HK. The brand totally makes me think of Kit and her love for the brand! I was casually speaking to my aunt about splurging on an MCM purse and she suddenly remembered that she had this bag stored at home. 23 years ago, she attended a MCM party and they gifted each of the guests this limited edition bag. It’s engraved with Hong Kong and the date of the party which is pretty cool and she kindly gifted it to me – oh my gosh!! The bag is super tiny though and it just about fits my HK essentials, my iPhone (purely used for Instagram) my HK phone (which is my sister’s old Blackberry and confuses me greatly), lip balm, keys and Octopus card. Since it is so tiny, my aunt has never used the bag and 23 years later, it has finally seen sunlight!


So let’s get back to the food! Later on in the day, Sam and I ventured over to Tsim Sha Tsui where we were on the quest for some Taiwanese Shaved Ice when we stumbled upon the newly opened Dessert Kitchen. Hello to my Mango shaved ice with Sago, star jelly, tapioca and ice cream mochi. Honestly, I was grinning so much when this arrived, it is the happiest looking dessert ever! We were so impressed that we went back the next day (oh yes indeed!) so stay tuned for more dessert action.

The one thing I love about all the people I have met in HK is that they are all massive foodies. HKers are always thinking about the next meal, the newest restaurants and the latest reviews on Open Rice (HK restaurant review site). HKers are spoiled for choice when it comes to Asian cuisine, since it’s my favourite, I’m totally going to miss it when it is no longer on my doorstep. Another fellow foodie is Charmaine who is lucky enough that writing about food is her career of choice! Obviously I can’t get enough of tea and cake and all things sweet so when she suggested meeting up at Initial Cafe in Tsim Sha Tsui earlier today, of course I was up for it! I totally realised that Sam also posted about this place in a recent post (HK is really small!). Charmaine is definitely my kind of person and all we talked about was food and our mutual love for 13 Going on 30 (come on, it’s an adorable movie!). It was so nice to finally meet up with her after sharing so many tweets and also visiting her Food blog

Iced Latte, Ice Green Tea and half eaten Blueberry cheesecake. 

I mentioned to Charmaine about how strange it was that we have never met before today but we had so much to talk about. It’s times like these when I realise how many lovely friends I have met through blogging. So cheesy I know but trueeeee!