Temples and Milk Tea

Hong Kong is a funny old place. Right now I am sitting in the apartment with the sounds of cars beeping their horns, the noisy demolition of a nearby building (HK is constantly tearing down old buildings and replacing them with shiny new commercial ones) and also the beep beep beep of the pedestrian crossing down below all of which are drifting in through the open window. However, despite the constant hubbub and the chaos of the city, there are some lovely surprises to be found. HK blogger, Sam from Sam is Home has fast become one of my favourite people in HK and she took me to Chi Lin Nunnery, a stones throw from Diamond Hill MTR where an excellently well looked after garden and temple can be found amongst the high rises and busy HK life. 

Chi Lin Nunnery

The site itself isn’t particularly old and dates back to the 30s but it was rebuilt in the 1990s following traditional methods. It’s such a lovely tranquil space (perhaps a bit distracting with the zen style music that is pumped through speakers in the gardens) but you can’t complain when it’s free admission. It’s definitely worth a visit!

Chi Lin Nunnery 2

Thanks to Sam here is the outfit I wore that day, check out the high rise apartment blocks in the background, such a contrast to the temple. I have to admit most of the things here are all new buys from HK. I’m really dreading packing, I bought so many clothes to HK for my 3 month stay and I am leaving with a whole lot of new things too.

Chi Lin Outfit
Blouse (Random shop, HK) Skirt and bag (Kwai Chung Plaza, HK) Belt (Topshop) Shoes (Zara) Watch (c/o Guess and H Samuels)IMG_3674

Massive thanks to Sam for the two detail shots above and the one below. Man…I need to upgrade my camera!

IMG_3662 Sam&Winnie Milk Tea

Here is the lovely lady herself! We both completely relished drinking the ice cold HK milk tea and on such a humid day, it was extra awesome.

The Nunnery is full of Bonsai trees which are all carefully tended to, lots of unusual looking rocks and quiet corners. It did make me want to swan about in traditional Chinese costume, ornate hair pieces and servant girls trailing behind me. Yeah…OK, maybe I should stop watching those Ancient Chinese dramas.



On this particular day, we had a bit of a shop and then stopped for Sushi but a busy Friday night and torrential rain meant we missed the opportunity for Desserts. On that note I am off to meet Sam for our ‘Day of Desserts’ to make up for it! Mmmm chocolate cake….