Holiday Mode

Oh I have definitely enjoyed my first day of ‘holiday mode’ in HK which was spent eating Vietnamese with a friend and then mooching around the shops with my aunt. It’s definitely been nice to experience working in HK and while I expressed my desire to stay a little longer in my last post…it’s something that is certainly do-able in the future but not right now. High on my list of things to do when I move back home is to find a job in London and move there pronto. I suppose I’m lucky that I get to come back to HK often and I know the next time I’ll be back will probably be with my parents and sisters in tow, maybe in a year or two! But let’s not jump ahead too much, I still have a few weeks which means lots of lunches, meet ups and shopping with friends and family. Excellent. 

A quick outfit picture below but it is now far too hot for tights. In HK, the humidity levels are announced everyday and these days it’s been 31c and humidity in the high 80s. I can’t believe I arrived in Feb when layers and jumpers are needed and now I am bare legged and wishing for air con most of the time!


Blouse (HK) Skirt (Miss Selfridge) Shoes (Converse) Bag (HK)

A few of my favourite buys this week have been some Canmake products. If you’re not familiar with Canmake, they’re a Japanese brand which is affordable and available in Sasa (which is so much better than Boots/Superdrug back home!).

The eyeshadow in Perfect Brown Eyes 03 is slightly glittery which is popular with a lot of Japanese cosmetics but the lipstick is LOVE! I bought it in Sweet Cherry 03 which is a reddish-coral colour. The colour in the tube is fairly bright but the application is sheer but pigmented and buildable which is awesome. I’m tempted to buy another tube as a back up! I should probably take a photo of me wearing it next time.


Funnily enough, I’m not really a bracelet kind of girl but things have changed. I used to wear a crazy amount up my arms during my teeny bopper phase, only for me to switch quickly to wearing none at all because well, they just got in the way. However my friend sent me the little friendship bracelet (so nice to receive mail in HK!) and I bought the plaited bracelet randomly. They go really well together but I’m tempted to remove the tassle because it’s just going to get super dirty. Anyway, I’m back on the bracelet bandwagon.


I should probably mention that my healthy detox is over. My 21 day detox basically consisted of no carbs, gluten, pork, sugar but with with the addition of coconut oil incorporated in your meal somehow – often I just added it to Chinese soups or used it as a salad dressing. The detox cut out SO many foods including fruit, soy products and flour which was torture as HK streets are full of temptations but it really made me feel healthier and my skin was clearer. The aim was to flush out toxins but you also lose a little water weight. It’s not really advised to detox for longer than 21 days as you do need some sugars and carbs but it certainly made me view food in a different light! Still…my Instagram (find me as diamondcanopy) food photos are now back in full force, Yay!