HK you are awesome

HK Skyline TST
Hi guys! Let’s start off with this stunning night view of the HK Skyline, taken over at my favourite spot over in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST). It’s stunning right? Hong Kong is made up of several islands and it’s the Hong Kong Island Skyline that you so often see in everyone’s holiday pictures. My family live over on the HK Island side so we never get to see this view unless we head over to Kowloon side. It’s pretty awesome and I am like a small child every single time I come back and get to see this view. It just makes me smile because HK is always full of such happy memories for me.

My family and I had dinner over at Harbour City (big, fancy mall full of Luxury shops) and had a yummy spread over at a Vietnamese restaurant called the Golden Bull. Hi food.

Vietnamese/Golden Bull Of course we had to have some of their Vietnamese Spring Rolls which were really good. We also had fried cuttlefish balls and Bahn Hoi. Bahn Hoi is one of my favourite Vietnamese dishes, little noodle parcels topped with peanut, spring onions eaten with a crispy lettuce leaf and their traditional fish sauce (the yellow sauce with the sweet chilli).
Cuttlefish balls and Bahn Hoi
My grandparents absolutely love this Chicken dish below, it’s a crispy roast chicken that is on par with a restaurant that they love in Macau (To To Koi, see this post). I swear I could have eaten the half chicken to myself!
Vietnamese Roast Chicken
Curry and Garlic Bread
Oh man, I really should be paid to write about food. I know that Sam and I would be pretty keen!! The Beef curry above was ok, nothing special. I personally prefer Malaysian and Thai curries over Vietnamese, they’re a lot more fragrant. We had to finish off the meal with their Sticky rice dessert (Bahn da lon) which is made from tapioca, mung beans, coconut milk and a whole lot of pandan paste. Super sticky!
Vietnamese Sticky Rice DessertSo here is the bad news, while the restaurant is pretty good and there
is a fantastic view of the harbour, for what you get, it’s severely
overpriced! I was told that it’s had a massive price increase and might
be the reason why they now only have one restaurant in Kowloon, as
opposed to the second location that used to be in Times Square, HK
Island. OK for special occasions I guess but not for a normal dinner out.

After the shock of the bill, we escaped outdoors and I insisted on being all touristy and taking a picture with the view to the amusement of my family, seeing as they usually try to avoid touristy spots like the plague. I’m totally kicking myself for not doing the typical Asian pose and throwing a few happy peace signs in your direction!
Me and HK So it’s coming towards the end of my 3 month stay. With just about 9 days to go, I am doing lots of last minute shopping (mainly for family!), stocking up on my favourite cosmetics and having lots of lunch dates with friends. I’m kind of looking forward to being back in cool 10c England, 33c (and climbing) in HK is not that much fun! Though, something tells me I will probably be shivering from the cold when I arrive back on British soil. Until the next post!