Hello Summer!

Honey I’m home! Living in HK for 3 months has been such a great experience. I knew it would be difficult to leave after staying there for longer than my usual 3 week visits but I didn’t really expect myself to become so much more attached to the city than I ever have been before. I was definitely a little teary when I was in the taxi on the way to the airport and I could easily have stayed for the rest of the year but I am really glad that I got the opportunity to experience working life in HK. I’m already itching to fly back but next time it will probably be a family holiday with my parents and sisters in tow!

Back to the UK (IG)

Tea, strawberries and blueberries and the Bunting that adorns our UK High streets at the moment in anticipation of the Queen’s Diamond Jubiliee

However now that I am firmly on British soil once more, it’s really nice to be back in my home comforts, breathe in the fresh air, not think about humidity levels but most of all, sit at my desk in my room with my window open and hearing the sounds of lawn mowers and birds singing in the garden. Life in the UK is definitely a huge contrast to Hong Kong but I still have a whole heap of photos still to blog about so I’m nowhere near finished with those posts yet!

So here is one more outfit post which once again were taken by the awesome Sam. Sadly there are no more of these and so the outfits in my garden will once again return to this blog! Bet you guys have welcomed the change of scenery huh? I know I have! 
Vero Outfit (By Sam)

Just looking at these pictures reminds me of how hot that day was. The weather was absolutely scorching but surprisingly, I’ve been lucky to return back home and the UK is going through another mini-heatwave, yay! Even if it’s for a short while, the Summer is definitely here! I could certainly wear this outfit today, the baggy tee and the skirt really helped to keep me cool while I was in Hong Kong.

I’m off to London bright and early in the morning and my plans include lunching with friends, a press day and of course, hanging out with fellow bloggers. Of course I’m packing my sunnies with me and I hope you guys have been making the most of the sunshine too!