It’s all about the Cakery

It’s been a pretty awesome Easter weekend, catching up friends and some quality family time which mostly consisted of eating out/eating in and generally involving a lot of cake. Before I indulge you all with some cake pictures, let’s begin with an outfit post!


Dress (Laurustinus) Cardigan (Oasis) Bag (Vivienne Westwood) Belt (Accessorize) Shoes (Zara)

I really love this dress which was bought last Summer in HK from a shop which has sadly closed down now. Rent in HK is stupidly high and the turnover for shops/restaurants is ridiculous. This dress could be described as a mullet dress but I hate that description. Mullets of the hair variety have never been pretty but I beg to differ when it comes to dresses and skirts. I particularly love this and it’s swishy-ness. Some random girl stopped me while I was waiting to cross the road to tell me how pretty it was. Sometimes little things can really make your day!

Other things that make my day are meeting bloggers, even better when they become friends! Just like that time I met Nic from Bang Bang She Shoots a few weeks ago, Sam from Sam is Home is one that I’ve been reading for a while now and I can definitely confirm she is as lovely in person as she comes across on the blog. Her blog is always so well written and she also has some awesome camera skills.

Sam introduced me to the Tai Hang area which I realised is a super short
10 minute walk from where I live on HK island. I’m definitely lucky
that I live in such a convenient area. Tai Hang is super trendy (lots of
hipsters as Sam pointed out) where it’s experienced a bit of a
regeneration and so the rent for shop spaces is still relatively cheap.
There is a lovely community vibe about the area which is reflected in
some restaurants keeping things like menus for neighbouring dessert
shops for their customers.


Aside from blogging, one of our mutual passions involve Cake, so naturally we had dessert in an awesome little Cafe that just so happened to be one that my family had also been raving on about. Let me introduce you to C’est la B which is the Tai Hang branch of Mrs B’s Cakery located in HK’s Central district.



Me and Sam looking ridiculously happy with our cakes.SDC12015

We were pretty happy catching up and eating our little cakes, thanks Sam for being awesome company! The Raspberry and Lychee cake was a definite winner. Cheap they were not (HK$50/£4 each) but they were a delight for the senses. So much so, I decided to buy three more as a surprise treat for my family. Taro, Banana and Red Bean flavour.


Oh how I miss those cakes already! I’ve been eating a ridiculous amount since I’ve been in HK (about 6 weeks now!) and I am going on a detox diet on Tues which means no carbs and very little in the way of sugar. I think I may struggle since HK food is freaking awesome and I know I will be torturing myself with more upcoming food/cake posts!