Instagramming 6

Time for my latest Instagram post! I love that it’s now available on Android, so many inspiring feeds to check out. Instagram is still the best way of documenting my days here. So here we go – hello to April in HK! 


At the beginning
of the month it was Ching Ming Festival (Ancestors Day) which explains the brightly coloured paper which are part of some traditional Buddhist rituals. Mango and Yuzu sago which was a complimentary dessert after our weekly dim sum. Bright dragon fruit, I’ve always loved the vibrancy of this fruit but always disappointed with the bland flavour. Hot Lemon Tea, perfect after a filling meal! Old 70s Chinese cookbooks I discovered at home – how to make char siu buns, egg tarts and pineapple buns, yum! The happiest piggy bank that I ever did see! Chiu Chow style dim sum and some amazing baby oyster congee. My usual view when I’m in one of the infamous red HK Taxis- traveling over from HK Island over to Kowloon side at the weekend.


You might notice a distinct lack of food pics from this point onwards as this is when the detox started! I am done with the detox on Tuesday which is ace as it’s a holiday! Woop. Anyway lots of architecture. The first pic is a building I always see and the ‘green’ sections change colour from red to blue! Next is another picture taken after work from a footbridge of the local area around Wan Chai. A pic from the weekend before the detox showing Taro Bubble Tea and some Piggy buns (Toasted buns with butter and Condensed milk- totally yum). A photo of the local area near where we live on HK Island and then some colourful milk cartons! I hung out in Monki looking for new things to buy and left with a new t-shirt and a necklace, of course I’ll show you guys soon! The weather here seems to be on par with the UK, Thunderstorms and rain aplenty apart from the fact it’s about 28c here and super humid. Giant Hello Kitty Pez in a shopping mall in Causeway Bay, what’s not to love? A random picture taken from my bus stop after work one day.


There are so
many Asian make up brands that I still want to buy. I’m not usually one for Jill Stuart and it’s overly princessy make up packaging (but I suppose it IS cute) and I’m not sure I will be buying from them again as this lipstick is pretty but super sheer which is such a shame- I so want to love it! (I’m looking forward to sharing some of the make up I have bought over here with you guys at some point!). A photo of me in the lift at work. A dinner of grilled Shishamo (Dor chun yu in Cantonese – one of my favourite things ever!) along with my grandma’s nutritious Chinese soup. Next…another view of the traffic after work and a super busy Causeway Bay of probably the busiest crossing in all of HK.

ig 6 cWeekends are for chilling out and traveling about on the MTR (but I hate getting the MTR on a Sun, too many people!). Supermarket shopping again with brightly coloured packaging of familiar cereals…but all in Chinese. One more photo of me in the lift at work and then finally the X.O. sauce (shrimp/chilli/garlic based sauce which is well known in Asia) that my grandma bought for me because she knows I love the stuff- so much that I included it twice in this last collage haha (oops!). I can’t wait to bring it home and eat it with dumplings, noodles and rice dishes!

I’m so happy it’s the weekend! I only have two more days of work left in Hong Kong and also just a few more days left on this detox. After that, I will no doubt miss the routine of work but I will LOVE having a few weeks to catch up with friends and family, eating all my favourite foods before I have to catch that pesky flight back home. Even during my first few weeks in HK, I had dreams where I had caught a flight home early for some reason or other and I woke up relieved that I was still very much firmly in HK.

Honestly? I would REALLY quite like to stay here.