Instagramming 5

Oops, it’s been a long 7 days since my last post and finally this Instagram post is up which has really built up since my last one! I have quite a few days off this week as it’s Ching Ming festival (Ancestors day) tomorrow and then it’s the long Easter weekend, so hopefully I will be able to blog more because I have SO many food pics that I need to show you guys! 

IG5 AHong Kong is really warming up at the moment. This hazy photo was taken when it was about 28c with crazy high humidity. Though, it’s nice to cool down on the evenings with a bit of our favourite desserts from our local dessert shop! Mine was the Black Sesame but it wasn’t as good as I remember from last year but I’ll be sure to order something else next time, perhaps the Mango Sago that my family chose!

The news here is all about HK politics at the moment and my family spend many an evening shouting insults at the TV. I was surprised when I found out that the elections are decided by 2,500 election committee members rather than the citizens of HK. Certainly different to the system back home in the UK and protests are rife. Less serious issues involve an amazing sushi dinner with a friend, us two girls had our fill of sushi/sashimi that was seemingly never ending. All you can eat Sushi in HK is awesome. Working in HK is going pretty well, it’s definitely a different experience and I haven’t spoken English for a little while now which is a bit odd! At work, I am a neat freak and I organise my highlighters just so and have some random Japanese sweets to keep me going during the day!

IG5 C Here are a few pics from my brief Macau trip. These cakes were taken at the Ferry terminal where I couldn’t help but take a snap of these adorable bunny cakes. I certainly miss that hotel we stayed at in Macau, if you’re not a fan of lemon grass than this place is a place to avoid. The whole place smells of it and all the bath products are scented the same too. Heavenly!


Another picture of the backstreets of Macau where we stocked up on the usual Macaunese baked goods. I love seeing all the souvenirs including this pic of Preserved Salted Fish. I think it’s pretty much a staple in all Chinese homes, we have a jar full of them at home!


Freshly baked Almond cookies. My dad loves these and my uncle bought a box and they have safely arrived in one piece back in the UK! On the evening, we had dinner at the Hotel and their Thai restaurant was gorgeously decorated. Soon enough though, I was back sitting at my desk at work. Though, work in HK is certainly far more Chinese…as I like to drink Chrysanthemum tea and eat Mango Mochi.


I always walk past this fruit store on the way home. The owner sure knows how to present things as the fruits are perfectly placed and colours contrast so well! I also had dinner again at the 60s HK dining experience that is The Goldfinch Restaurant. I better dig out my photos from last year, as I really do love this place. The food is decently priced (but not mind blowing) and very retro, but more than anything, it’s the authentic old fashioned interior and the elderly men at the door who point you to your seat. These men I assume, are the long time owners of the place who have seen it survive through several decades and made it into cinema history in the shape of Wong Kar Wai’s films.


Hong Kong is truly a city of contrasts. With traditional sitting alongside the more contemporary. I absolutely adore the HK skyline and it’s skyscrapers…I haven’t yet taken a snap over at TST but I’m venturing over this weekend so I’ll be sure to get a decent shot of the skyline.


On Sunday I returned to the Shangri La hotel where I had their buffet in one of the restaurants, Cafe Too. I’ll be sure to post up more pics as the food is always good here. A tad expensive but it’s a place I rather like! On the way home, I spotted this super long set of stairs up to apartments. I’m sure there is a lift somewhere but imagine having to WALK all the way up those after a long tiring day!
Lastly, we are of course in the land of 24/7 dim sum (but I’m not that crazy) and ate a normal time on Sunday with my family. As much as I love having yum cha at home in the UK, there is nothing that beats having it in HK. Though making sui gao (literally water dumplings) at home is definitely EVEN better where the whole family chips in. I’ll hopefully be sharing a recipe and more pics soon. The pictures of the Maneki Neko (Japanese lucky cat) were a random find in a shop today. The cats are almost always sat near a till in shops to bring good fortune but they make cute little gifts too! 

Wow this turned into a pretty long post but I hope you guys have been enjoying my HK entries!