A lovely weekend

This weekend’s weather in Hong Kong has been glorious and a balmy 28c which has been a bit of a shock to the system as I was wearing sweaters and scarves in the week. Hong Kong’s weather is a bit bizarre and it’s like pressing a switch from Winter to Summer with not so much in between. Below is a picture I’ve taken countless times on my trips back to Hong Kong, it’s the view from our apartment and my family live not too far from the Sanyo sign on Hong Kong Island.


I’ve been loving my new routine and managed to do a teeny bit of shopping over the last few days. One of which is grabbing a cheap bubble milk tea on my lunch break which was the hugest thing ever and also ridiculously cheap compared to back home. The evening picture of Causeway Bay/Sogo dept. store at night was taken after I finished work one evening. I catch my bus just outside SoGo and it’s always buzzing with shoppers and tourists. I guess it’s pretty much the equivalent to London’s Oxford Circus. At the weekends you can barely move here!

I managed to do a bit of shopping finally. I’ve been putting off shopping because this time, I am here for such an extended amount of time- it’s not just a short holiday. I just don’t feel the need to shop and also, I find things so much more expensive this time round. I knew I would finally break but I have family that are incredibly persuasive and love clothes just as much as me! I was lucky to find a few things in the sale over at Bauhaus which is a shop that is everywhere in HK…and the sales assistants are particularly persistent. I bought a checked red blouse which is a little cape-like and a cotton knitted sweater dress which has quite an interesting shape to it.

cape-checked blouse
sweater dress
Dress (Bauhaus, HK), Belt (Accessorize) Shoes (Zara)

The one thing I love about HK is that my favourite magazine, ViVi is only about £5 which makes it super affordable and about the same price as Vogue back home. It’s been ages since I bought myself a copy because it’s just so ridiculously expensive back home. So it was nice to flick through the familiar, visual-fest that is Vivi. The cover star, Ayumi Hamasaki is ageless…

I love make up and especially Japanese/Korean brands because they obviously work well with my skin tone. This makes reading Vivi here particularly dangerous as I can pretty much buy most of the brands that are featured inside. I bought my favourite eyeliner which was in this limited edition pink.
kpalette eyeliner
I love all things cute and I’m a sucker for Hello Kitty so couldn’t help but buy these Sanrio cases. I really need to stop buying these but phone cases are everywhere.

iphone cases
Today I spent the day catching up with my friend Claire who works as an English teacher at an International School in China. She popped down for the day and I took the opportunity to catch up and have some yummy Japanese food!
Originally, I wanted to go to a sushi place I visited last Summer with my sister but in HK, the soaring rents mean that shops and restaurants close down all the time. We randomly stopped by Ka Ma Do at Lee Theatre in Causeway Bay and despite the quiet atmosphere in the restaurant (which sometimes is an early warning that the restaurant may not be there for much longer!) we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sushi. 

claireand sushi
me and sushi
My set lunch was huge and cost me the equivalent of about £10 and this isn’t considered cheap in HK, just about average. Seriously, if you like Asian food then you really have your fill for a fraction of the price back in the UK. I totally should become a food blogger huh? 

cord holder
A little random but I bought this earphone cord tidy because how could I resist? It’s the most kawaii accessory ever and the bear looks like it’s been lassoed by my earphones! I can’t believe it’s almost 3 weeks since I arrived in HK, this makes me so nervous. I really need to press pause because time is really flying. I have lots planned next week as my uncle is visiting for 2 weeks which means lots of eating out, let the feasting commence…