In good company

A very quick update before I call it a night here in Hong Kong, I apologise in advance for the blurry pics! I totally need a new camera. Anyway, last night I managed to finally catch Nic from Bang Bang She Shoots who has been visiting Hong Kong. It’s a bit of a funny story actually, Nic is originally from Birmingham (aka home to me!) but who now lives in Tokyo with her husband but we met for the first time in Hong Kong. It turns out that her family actually know mine! I guess Chinese communities are quite close knit and everybody knows each other but it really took us both by surprise when we found out. Amazing.

Me and Nicole

I hung out with Nic and her lovely sister and in true blogger form, we caught up over some yummy food (Korean being the food of choice) at Kaya which I visited last Summer. Instead of opting for the Korean BBQ (which is definitely much pricier), I went for the Bibimbap (Korean mixed rice) which was super filling and yummy!

Not only was she lovely company but she surprised me with some Limited Edition Kit Kats! I’m actually a bit of a fan of the Japanese editions because they are impossible to get hold of outside of Japan. The flavour she gifted me was Almond Tofu dessert (which is sooo good and if you’ve ever had Almond Dessert, the taste is pretty close!). They join the other Kit Kat’s I’ve tried including Sweet Potato and Matcha which were both gifted by my aunt’s Japanese colleagues. Thanks again Nic for the Kit Kats, I just wish I had bought you something too!


Lastly, I had a stupidly cheap Sushi lunch today. For well under £10 we ate our fill and had some soft shell crab uramaki. Though, this place is downwind from a Stinky Tofu shop which really put me off my lunch. Ugh, it really is the worst smell ever, I can’t even begin to describe how bad it smells and I can’t understand people (like my dad) who love the stuff. It’s perhaps fitting that around the corner I found this shop and I had to snap a photo. Maybe someone should tell them that F.Art isn’t such a great name for a shop! Lovely.


Lastly, every day after work I cross a footbridge on the way towards Causeway Bay where I catch my bus home. I couldn’t help but stop and snap this picture after I saw some tourists doing the same. I am definitely LOVING being in Hong Kong and moments like these, really make me smile!

Sunset in Wan Chai

So the weekend is fast approaching and my uncle has just landed in Hong Kong. My family have organised another trip to Macau to celebrate and I’m tagging along and staying at the same hotel. I can’t quite believe my luck…