The First Days

Hi guys! So I’ve been in Hong Kong for 2 days now and it’s only just begun to sink in that I’ll be here for the next few months. My dad has been visiting for the last 10 days and today is his last day before he flies back home this evening. However, first, let me share with you my mixture of iPhone, Instagram and camera pics! 


So after an hours flight from Birmingham airport on Monday morning, I landed at Charles de Gaulle for my connecting flight to Hong Kong. I was super lucky and had two empty seats next to me which was brilliant but I quickly realised that the extra space didn’t make the hugest difference to how uncomfortable it is to fly for almost 12 hours. I was so happy to touch down on Tuesday Morning (HK Time) especially because I could get away from the annoying child sat behind me! When I arrived at the airport, it took me about 15 mins to check through immigration (having a HKID card makes life super easy/speedy!) and collected my luggage and found my dad waiting for me on the other side.

Front door
Dim Sum 

We hopped on the bus and I found myself in familiar territory. We opened that typical HK front door and I was back at home! It honestly feels like I never left last Summer. After quickly realising how cold it was, I changed into something warmer and then we popped out again for some much needed Dim Sum. 

Custard Cakes
Mong Kok
After dim sum, I fought the jet lag that was starting to kick in and my dad and I went to Mong Kok so I could help him buy my sisters presents. It was super busy but it was awesome being back in town and meandering through the chaos of people shopping away. 

Dad's cake
That evening, my family surprised my dad with a birthday cake. This cake was so good and had slices of mango in the centre. Extremely light, chocolately and yummy fresh fruit.

Kitchen view A Misty Wednesday morning. The view from the kitchen window, High rise flats and commercial buildings and a hint of HK’s moutainous terrain in the background.
Grandmas Congee
The following morning, I woke up bright and early and my grandma had made me some congee for breakfast. There really is nothing like food cooked by your grandma and she was a little embarrassed when I showed her my blog earlier. Food cooked by grandmothers is always so good!

Causeway bay
Later on, we caught the bus and arrived into my favourite place in the world, Causeway Bay! Safe to say, I didn’t drag my dad around the shops but my sister Hailey and I shopped away to our hearts content last Summer. I don’t feel the need to buy clothes yet…but then again it’s early days!
Domon Ankake ramen
Domon ramen side
At lunchtime we went to Domon Ramen which is situated behind Times Square at Lee Theatre Plaza. I had a set lunch of Ramen and the Taro and Pumpkin Korroke which was pretty awesome. Especially when it only costs $58 which is under £5! Definitely an impossible price if I was back int the UK.

Times Square installation
There was a crazy hat installation at Times Square. Though, I suspect the area gets pretty drippy when it’s raining! It’s so pretty and colourful. 

My dad and I stopped off at Sogo and went into one of their Coffee shops. I don’t recall ever having a coffee with just my dad but it was really nice!

 Wife Cakes

My dad adores his food and one of his favourites are these fresh wife cakes seen in that first pic. They’re really good and he bought a couple of boxes to take home. No doubt when I return in May, I’ll be asked to buy some more for him too! Later that eve we hopped into a taxi and went to Wang Jia Sha, a Shanghainese restaurant in Causeway Bay. On my last trip, my sister and I went to the one in Taikoo Shing but I never got round to posting the pics! I might revive those eventually because some of those dishes we had in the Summer were better presented! 

Dinner at Wang Jia Sha
my macbook
Finally, the reason why I am able to blog so soon is because I bought myself a new laptop. Electronics in HK are definitely cheaper, often with a bazillion freebies if you shop in the right stores. So this is most definitely a worthy investment! 

This evening, my dad leaves for the UK so we are spending the rest of the day, having lunch, a bit of a shop for last minute gifts before we have dinner at home. Will update soon!