Snow Day

There has been an abundance of snowy outfit pictures across the blogosphere and well, who am I to miss out on the action? Firstly, here is Hailey who has been due an outfit post on here for a little while. Usually I am the one asking if she would like her outfit photographed but it’s always nice when she asks me if I want to snap her picture. On this particular day she was sporting her really pretty blouse which was one of her birthday presents. It’s so cute!

hailey bow snow

Blazer (Zara) Blouse (Niche) Jeans (Topshop) Hat (Accessorize) Boots (Dr. Martens)

One of her favourite accessories at the moment is this wool fedora which replaces the usual bobbled hats that she wears at this time of year. Definitely chic and doesn’t mess up your hair as much as a knitted wooly hat.

hailey hat ring

Ring (Monki) 

After I snapped the pics of her, she turned to me. I was a bit hesitant at first because well…I am in desperate need of a fringe trim and had literally pulled those boots on to walk around in the snow. Safe to say, I hadn’t really anticipated blogging this outfit but here I am anyway!

colours snow day

Jumper (H&M) Blouse (French Connection) Jeans (c/o Next) Boots (Topshop) Scarf (Gift)

contrast colours

Despite my initial ideas about the outfit, I’m glad my sis took my photo anyway because the lime, lilac and rusty orange colours look amazing on camera. I remember my old Art teacher at college used to tell me that he loved the rhyme, ‘purple and green should never be seen’ because it was fun to say and absolutely NOT true. I totally agree. It’s definitely one of my favourite colour combinations.