A pretty little dress

So LFW has come and gone in a blink of an eye! I totally miss being there this season but it has also been nice to read twitter streams and watch online along with my home comforts! Of course one of my favourites to catch was Burberry (made even better with the theatrics of staged rain and then spotting some Korean pop royalty appear in Burberry’s feed). Oh well, those are clothes that I can never afford but this dress which I purchased in the January Sales is definitely easier on the purse strings!

dahlia a

Cardi (Primark) Dress (Dahlia) Bag (Hong Kong) Shoes (Topshop)

My youngest sister, Becky has taken to borrowing my clothes which is scary because she’s 14 and she looks WAY better in my clothes than I do. Sob. So I better borrow her bag while I can…and also borrow this plum cardi from my other sister, Hailey.

dahlia c
dahlia b

Ring (Accessorize) Earrings (GoGo Philip)

So….if you follow me via any of the other platforms that I’m on then you might have noticed that I am relocating to Hong Kong for a couple of months to work. It’s been a crazy, unpredictable turn of events which has culminated in me flying out next Monday! *bites lip nervously* It will be great work experience but I also can’t wait to see my HK family and friends again.

Unfortunately I am sans-laptop (again!) but I’m going to attempt blogging off my phone which will be a different approach to the way I usually write this blog. It’ll be an interesting way of blogging and the posts will definitely be SUPER random. It might just revolve around my lunch that day, who knows? Maybe I’ll get myself a new laptop while I am out there but either way you can follow me on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram to see what I’m up to. It’s slightly scary but super exciting.