Instagramming 3

I wasn’t going to do another Instagram post so soon but I figured, it’ll be my last one until I have access to a laptop that I can actually upload/edit photos. So here it is!


My Kyoko Hashimoto earrings which are awesome but I don’t wear enough. Old HK stamps in my passport. My cousin’s birthday which means another yummy cake. Udon noodles with prawn tempura. M&S Cherry Pie (so good!). Attempting to pack and taking my entire collection of coloured blouses.


Dinner at home. There are Mustaches on my shoes! Thanks to Claire from Jazzpad who I won these from. Catching up with friends over tea and sandwiches. A cute card holder which I couldn’t resist and will be useful for the MTR in HK. Grandma treated my mum and I to Sushi. I want this teacup set, but it’s annoyingly expensive!


More coffee times at my favourite Coffee shop. Almost passport time! Yummy Chocolate, Ginger and Pear biscuits from M&S. I hate packing but my laptop case (full of accessories rather than a laptop!) is pretty happy all the time. A postcard from my friend featuring one of Yoshimoto Nara’s drawings. Sunday lunch at home, lots of congee, steamed buns and siu mai.


Playing around in the craft shop, spelling out my name and then realising the colour scheme is totally matching with my shoes. First Daffodil outside our house. A little pig shaped measuring tape that was too cute not to buy (pull the ear for the tape). Finally, I am all packed and ready to fly in the morning!

I was speaking to friends today and we couldn’t believe how fast and last minute this trip to HK is. It still doesn’t feel as if I’m leaving tomorrow. My mum is dropping me off at the airport in the morning and then my dad will collect me when I reach Hong Kong (I’m so glad he is there at the moment so he can help me with my luggage!). I still have enough food photos from last Summer to put together several food posts but I guess those will have to wait until I return back to the UK. I’d much rather blog more instantly while I am over there. I have a week to acclimatise before I start work and spending some family time in Macau at the weekend which I’m really looking forward to.

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See you guys on the other side 🙂