Instagramming 2

I’m keeping my word and here is another Instagram round up post featuring photos since my last post. Some days I take loads of pics, but I’ve been a bit sporadic since my last post. As ever, my instagrams are mostly full of food and I have to admit that my Instagram feed is mainly of other people’s food too!
instagram 2 a

I wrapped my sister’s birthday present in blue paper and pink curling ribbon (I love curling the ribbon!). My mum bought a bag of tapioca to make some yummy Tapioca dessert. My lock screen featuring the Sanrio chracters Little Twin stars in adorable Kimonos. My sister’s birthday meal at home featuring scallops, pak choi and yummy soft shell crab. Calorific Tapioca dessert. My friend Carly’s amazing, large Art Deco clip-on earrings from ASOS.

instagram 2 b

My youngest sister’s Fairy Lights and her big Hello Kitty teddy. The Hong Kong Skyline which I took last Summer, I’ll be reunited with it soon! Some runny egg custard buns from our favourite Cantonese restaurant.

instagram 2 cMy Motel satchel which I use all the time. I tried Green tea with mint at one of the only Japanese restaurants in Birmingham (why aren’t there more?). My yummy Chicken Karage bento. Dinner at my grandmas. A blast from the past, I found a whole bunch of Tamagotchis, the yellow one was mine, oh how I remember queuing up for these! I spotted this nude, faux croc Heart shaped Vivienne Westwood bag in House of Fraser, it’s pretty awesome.