Shades of Grey

new knit I am definitely more of a Spring and Autumn kind of girl but one thing I do love about the Winter months is getting to bundle up in lots of warm layers. I’m always on the lookout for some lovely knits mostly because I have an abundance of cardigans but very few actual jumpers. I am practically living in this Zara jumper these days.

Zara sweater
coral and grey
brick wall coral and grey
red bag and ring

Blouse (Miss Selfridge) Jumper (Zara) Skirt (H&M) Tights (Miss Selfridge) Shoes (UO) Bag and Ring (HK)

It’s probably not the cosiest of knits, I checked and it has a tiny 5% Angora content but it’s great for layering with a brightly coloured blouse, especially because one of my favourite colour combinations is grey with a pop of colour. Throw on a coat, scarf, my trusty headphones (beats ear muffs in my opinion, music and ears are warm? Definitely a winner) and I’m good to go!