A little bit of Kirei

pink and purple outfit

Continuing with my love for jumpers/sweaters at the moment, this dusky purple jumper from H&M which I bought after Christmas is another one of my favourite things. I wear a lot of purples and blues so this works really well in my wardrobe and goes nicely with this pretty silk scarf that I was sent over from HK for Christmas! FYI, I spent ages tucking and knotting that scarf to make it look like that!

pink and purple outfit 2

(H&M) Scarf (Gift from HK) Skirt (UO) Knee Socks (Primark) Shoes (Dune) Necklace (HK), Bag (Sisters from HK)

dune flats

The candy pink coloured bag belongs to my sister Hailey. She bought the bag on one of our shopping trips in HK and I couldn’t help but borrow it and attach this big fluffy charm on it.
little pink bag

The charm is actually made up of several charms which I had bought on a whim in Hong Kong in the Summer. They’re actually intended as a phone decorations but unfortunately my phone doesn’t allow phone charms (damn!) but it goes nicely on my bags! The fluffy ball and ribbon charms are from Kirei, a small accessory shop in Causeway Place which stocks lots of cute Japanese accessories. From what I gather, Kirei means pretty and this charm certainly is! The little Hello Kitty sitting in a Hong Kong taxi was a random (and touristy!) purchase in Sogo department store. It was far too cute and kawaii for me to pass up! Yeah so the charm in it’s entirety is either super kawaii or sickeningly girly depending on the way you look at it. I’m OK with that.

kawaii charms

Other cute things in my life include these new iPhone cases which now join the collection that I have amassed since Hong Kong. Iconemesis got in touch recently and sent me these cases for me and Hailey to play around with. Iconemesis are pretty cool because they work with some really talented artists to create designs for their cases. The cases are sturdy (perhaps slightly heavier than what I’m used to) but they do the job at keeping my phone scratch free and pretty. Having bought a case from them before, I can tell you that their customer service is excellent and are also constantly looking to improve their products.
iphone cases iconemesis
fifilapin phone caseSpeaking of iPhones, I think I may start to do one of those weekly Instagram round up posts. I take so many photos on my phone, it would be nice to share them on here! Before I sort that out,  here are some pretty pastels I captured last week.
I have been loving all these pastel shades that are starting to make an appearance in the shops lately. I am always swooning over Acne in Selfridges which let’s face it, they’re a LOT out of my price range but the colours of these coats over at Oasis are a lot more purse friendly!