Goodies from Tokyo

pakage details

Earlier in the month I received this awesome package from Nic of Bang Bang She Shoots who is based in Tokyo and one of my favourite beauty bloggers. I entered one of her giveaways and I couldn’t believe my luck when I was the winner! She left a lovely note and hopefully one day I will get to catch up with her as she is actually originally from Birmingham. So here is what was inside…

cute packaging

I’ve always found post from Japan super fast and this package arrived in just 3 days, crazy! I’m a huge fan of Japanese cosmetics and as you know, I have an inexplicable love for all things cute so I was so excited to find all these goodies inside the adorable packaging. It was like Christmas again, yay!

goodies from bbsh

Japan is pretty well known for it’s cute characters for which there are many and the Sanrio ones are probably the most famous. Other characters such as Rilakkuma and his buddy Korilakkuma are also one of my favourites. The phone holder and pouch are pretty random but adorable no?

rilakkuma and korillakuma

I’ve not tried the eye masks yet but the bath salts are lovely. Perfect for cold winter days like we’re having now, it’s the perfect treat. I used the peach one and it smells sooo good and turns the bath a candy pink colour. I rarely ever wear my hair up but the Odango hair bun (hair doughnut) is
pretty nifty and my younger sister has taken to borrowing this on

bath salts and masks

odango bun

Testing out the Odango hair bun

Other things inside the package included some Green tea face soap,
Dejavu Fiberwig mascara (Japan’s no.1 Mascara) and some Heroine Make Kiss Me liquid
eyeliner. I’m a massive fan of eyeliner and have used Japanese  eyeliners
for the past few years because of their staying power and quick removal. This one works pretty well too and like many Japanese eyeliners, it lasts all day and is easily removed with just a bit of warm water, so handy! Luckily, a lot of Japanese cosmetics are easy to buy in Hong Kong, so I will definitely be asking relatives to stock up for me when they visit.

make up japan

phone holder rilakkuma

Finally here is a photo of the phone holder in action. Haha, how can I resist this little face? I really do think I’ve become more girly and childish as I have become older. The 15 year old me who lived in baggy jeans, hoodies, excessive kohl eyeliner and sweepy fringe (yeah I was one of those) would have been horrified. Oh take me to Japan!

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