Acrylic Love


I like Muji a lot. They’re pretty well known for their minimalist homeware, stationery and for the foodie that I am, I never ever leave their store in Hong Kong without a quick trip to their snack section. I still wish they sold food over in the UK! I miss their green pea potato snacks and they are something I will be requesting off my dad when he flies back for a short trip next month. Anyway, their stackable acrylic storage boxes are pretty awesome and I bought the large double flip top box and two of the cloth trays and filled it right up!

muji jewellery box a
muji jewellery box b
muji jewellery box c

muji jewellery box d
I love that I can see everything! I’m so used to storing my earrings and things in random bowls around my room so this has made a real difference. I know that Kristabel is pretty keen on the boxes too for make up and I agree, these would be an awesome make up storage solution too.

This has come a little out of the blue but it has absolutely made my day. Without me knowing, I’ve been added to the list of bloggers for the Company Magazine Blog Awards. I’m not really sure how this happened but I’m in the ‘What I wore’ and ‘Favourite blogger’ categories along with lots of other friendly faces.

So if you feel inclined to do so, vote for me and any of the other lovely bloggers mentioned. Yay!